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  • With the holiday's there has been an uptick of Phishing attacks
  • The most recent attacks involve sending a fraudulent text message saying that an "account is locked" in an attempt to gain access to a cardholder's personal information such as PIN, Social Security Number, or Mobile Device Codes
  • We will take this opportunity to remind our cardholders that legitimate texts to verify transactions will NEVER ask for card numbers or other personal details.
  • Do not to give out personal information or card numbers.
  • If you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of a call or text, please call the SHAZAM fraud team at (866)508-2693.  Text messages can also be sent to SHAZAM's short code 72718.
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Debit Card Benefits

  • Can be used anywhere VISA is accepted
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash
  • Faster and easier than writing checks
  • Save on the cost of ordering checks
  • Combined with SHAZAM BOLT$, get complete control over transactions. With SHAZAM BOLT$ you can:
  • Turn your debit card off/on
  • Receive alerts when your debit card is used
  • See Account Balances
  • Submit Travel Notices

Traveling with your Debit Card?

To help ensure uninterrupted service of your debit card while you travel, let us know your travel plans.

You can now submit a travel notice to us with the SHAZAM BOLT$ mobile app. Simply tap on “Manage travel notices” on the menu screen, follow the prompts and provide us your travel dates and destinations.

Submitting a travel notice is a good idea, so we aren’t surprised when we see debit card purchases originating from an unusual area, such as another state or country. It’s possible we might flag those transactions as fraudulent and put a hold on your card until we find out for sure. Telling us when you’re traveling helps us identify legitimate transactions quickly.

Search “SHAZAM BOLT$” in your app store to learn more and to download.